CHAFT was founded in 1998.

The general thrust was to offer to the two-wheel professionals a complete range of products which fits the most to the markets expectations. This is thanks to the advanced features, design in order to supply top quality products at the fairest prices.

Today, CHAFT has more than 1500 customers and distributes their products in a dozen of countries abroad with a catalog of more than 3000 items.

Ever-intent on fitting the market shifts, the two-wheel drivers needs and the news motorcycles; we constantly work on extending our more and more exclusive range.

Our designers discern trends and translate them on our products with keeping in mind the philosophy of the company: an impeccable quality at the right price.

Building on this reputation and motivated by the quality of our network and the seriousness of our sales force; we decided to add distribution activities.

This activity features international reputed trademarks: BLAUER H.T., BELGOM, VEECTOR, CLIMAX, RESPRO and GULF.

Always customers and partners oriented, namely 2 wheels professionals, dealers and accessories professionals; our goal remains the same: ensure trending products, good margin guaranteed by stable prices.