Premium Battery Charger SCPOWER 0.8-3.8A


The SC38 is our universal Lead Acid/12V Lithium charger in the SC Power line-up and is suitable for small vehicles (motorcycles, scooters, lawn equipment, …), and for vehicles with battery capacities up to 120 Ah.

More details

This charger is fully automatic for 6 V and 12V Lead Acid batteries and for all 12V Lithium LiFePO4 starting batteries.
This charger has the ability to reverse sulfation in most 12V lead acid batteries.

CAN-Bus function : Unlike a conventional charger, the SC38communicates with the new BMW electrical circuit to reconnect the CAN-Bus controlled socket when the ignition is switched off and allows the battery to be charged through the CAN-Bus controlled socket. (accessory SCACC02 sol separately)

Technical information

Applications: For all Lead Acid 6V/12V batteries up to 120 Ah and 12V Lithium batteries (LiFeP04)

Input voltage: 100-240V automatic

Output voltage/current: 6V -> 0.8A / 12V -> 0.8/3.8A selectable

SC38 specific function: CAN BUS function for BMW

Charging program: the SC38, through its advanced microprocessor, performs up to 9 different charging/inspection functions on 12V Lead Acid batteries. While 6V batteries have 4 separate charge/inspection functions available. The SC38 will reverse sufation in most batteries.

Ingress protection rate: IP65

Safety features: Reverse polarity, short circuit, spark proof, overload, overheat and auto-stop

Certifications: CE RoHS

Sizes: L 156mm x W 98.6mm x H 50.2mm

Weight: 530gr

Heavy Duty crocodile clamps with soldered leads and an O-ring for easy connections are included